Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey


The Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to help the company learn more about how their customers feel about their products and services. The survey consists of a series of questions that are all related to the company’s products and services. So ultimately, by answering these questions as truthfully as you can, you will be helping the company gain a better understanding of what they’re doing right and where they are falling short.

So ultimately, you should do your best to answer the questions as elaborately as possible. By doing so you will be enabling the company to offer better products and a higher quality and standard of service. Then again, if there is anything that you are unhappy about, do not hesitate to make mention of it. For example, if there is a question that was not asked in the survey, but you want to get some feedback on it, feel free to do so. So irrespective of whether your comments are positive or negative, rest assured that it will be used constructively to improve upon the products and services of the company.

About Dollar General

Dollar General was started in the year 1939 by J.L Turner and Harley Callister Turner. They currently have approximately 14,000 stores in the United States. Dollar General is a discount retailer in the United States. The company offers a variety of different consumables, home products, apparel and seasonal items. This retailer basically offers everything from perishables, cleaning products, cosmetics and health and beauty products. Each of these categories are offered in a variety of different assortments. This is what drives customers to the store each and every day.

The aim of this company is to basically offer products that are perishable and used on a daily basis at low prices. Thus, enabling their customers to save money every day on items that are used daily. So, they don’t necessarily stop each and every brand, however they definitely do stock the most popular ones at low prices.


How to Participate in the Dollar General customer satisfaction survey

You Must Have:

  • A device like a laptop or smart phone.
  • An Internet connection.
  • Have your latest receipt from Dollar General.


  1. Use the link ( provided to enter the survey.
  2. Enter the requested information from your receipt.
  3. Answer the questions based on your last visit or your latest purchase from Dollar General.
  4. Ensure that you provide your full name and contact details just in case you are chosen as the winner of the sweepstakes.

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Dollar General is your one-stop convenience store. The products, services and pricing are all created and determined with the customer in mind. So, if you would like to see this company offer even better deals than they currently do, get involved in the survey and ensure that you answer the questions as honestly as possible.


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